In addition to web marketing, SMB Web Services offers valuable business development assistance that can help streamline change and create a productive, successful organisation:

Project Management: When a new process is introduced, it’s never a good idea to cut the team loose on it and expect everyone to follow through with the steps. In these cases, an active project management system is needed to ensure that tasks are followed, steps are executed, and project benchmarks are met. Using our own project management interface, we make sure each member of the team is kept on task and kept accountable for their role in the operation. This keeps the system running and the deliverables moving toward their targets on a consistent basis.

Process Management: By contrast, process management focuses on ensuring the gears are moving smoothly, mainly on the technical end. The goal of marketing is to get prospective customers into your sales funnel. If there's something stopping them from getting from one channel to the next along the sales chain, that's a problem. Someone needs to be running checks, updating software, keeping security threats to your website at bay, and making sure the transition from visitor to lead to customer is made smooth and free from bumps and snags along the way. That's us.

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