SMB Web Services offers both strategic and practical services to help boost your business online:

Website Design: Primarily WordPress design, using and accessing themes developed by the newest, hottest developers in the market. This platform allows an extensive range of practical plugins that help to control user flow and website function, while giving the owner an easily editable format they can manage and update themselves with only a bit of instruction. Practical elements include automating social sharing, autoresponders and email list forms, mobile responsive designs, analytics, lead capture, tap-to-call buttons, and much more.

Content Strategy: Content is a big area, because on the web “content is king.” The skills needed to develop a good content strategy focus not only on ensuring your website is properly optimised, but also extends to the type of content you share on social media and, perhaps much more importantly, what you produce on your blog and article sites. This, above everything else, is what affects your search engine ranking.

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