Save 50% on comprehensive website SEO audits from SMB Web Services.

Monday, November 27th ONLY!!

For Cyber Monday 2017, SMB Web Services is pleased to offer its new SEO Auditing & Report service at a HUGE 50% Savings!


This service provides comprehensive website auditing, ranking analysis, competitive ranking analysis, keyword tools and research, link monitoring, and linking research.


Our highly advanced reporting looks at your website (and the websites of up to five competitors) with the same spider technology used by leading search engines, giving you an overview of how your website is performing from a perspective you’ve never even imagined possible. 

THIS is the unfair competitive advantage you’ve been looking for online.

Here’s what you can expect:

Comprehensive Reporting Like You’ve Never Seen


Our reporting system comes in four modules, configured as four separate reports: Website Audit, Rank Monitoring, Link Monitoring, and Link Recommendations. Each of these factors traces your website’s features and comprises an elaborate overview of how your website is performing, both in terms of search engines and in comparison to up to five of your key competitors.


The SEO spider that sees your site like search engines do.

Just like search engine bots, our website auditor digs diligently through your entire site to find and audit every resource, both internal and external: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, images, videos, and more. The tool also lets you crawl your site as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, following robots.txt instructions for any bot, so you can see and analyze the same pages of your site that search engines see.


Rank Monitoring, As Advanced As It Gets

Our Rank Tracker is the most customizable ranking tool you’ll come across. Whether you need to track positions globally in Google or locally in any of the tool’s 400+ search engines, check top 50 search results or all 1,000, run the check once a week or 3 times a day, monitor Universal and Map listings, and track competitors’ ranks… It’s got it all. The best part is, everything is unlimited — including websites, search engines, and keywords to track.


All links to any site from the most up-to-date index.

Do you know who’s linking to your website? Find all links to any domain with the Web’s freshest backlink index, our Link Explorer. To make sure your list of backlinks is unbeatably comprehensive, the tool also lets you pull links directly from Google Analytics and Google Search Console — an integration you won’t find in any other backlink checker.


Hundreds of link opportunities at a click.

Choose your research technique from 10 most effective prospecting mechanisms (guest posting, directories, reviews – you name it), or create your own research method with any search operators of your choice. In seconds, our software will find hundreds of most relevant prospects for you. This is a huge time-saver for any SEO. Gather all kinds of stats and insights with one click to check the value of potential links. You’ll see the value of the prospect by looking at its quality factors, such as Page/Domain Authority, Domain age, Alexa, social media metrics, etc. while making sure you avoid all potentially harmful links!

This is a limited time offer AND has limited availability! We’re filling spots quickly, so don’t miss this opportunity to benchmark your 2018 SEO strategy!


When you book your comprehensive SEO audit TODAY for Cyber Monday at 50% off the regular price, you’ll lock in a 50% discount for the end of the next quarter as well!


We recommend doing a quarterly audit of all the on-page, keyword, and technical factors relating to your website’s SEO. With that in mind, if you choose to book with us TODAY ONLY, we’ll make sure you get an additional 50% off your quarterly follow-up at the end of March.


PLUS, we’ll run, at no extra charge, a GTMetrix speed test and a Google Mobile speed test, so you’ll find out exactly how your website is performing on ALL factors, not just your standard SEO package.

Here’s Everything You Get TODAY:


  • Comprehensive SEO audit of every page of your website
  • Complete technical and keyword factors, along with errors, warnings, and info flags
  • Keyword ranking for your website, plus up to FIVE of your competitors’ sites, based on your Google settings
  • Rankings in multiple search engines, with geographic and universal auditing
  • The most up-to-date listing of your website’s link referrers, so you know where your inbound links are coming from
  • Suggestions on dozens — even hundreds — of linking opportunities, from guest posts to reviews, along with contact for outreach
  • Lock in your 2018 Q1 discount (an additional 50% off the next audit you book in March!)
  • Free speed reports from Google’s Mobile testing system and GTMetrix

Note: Offer ends Monday, November 27, 2017 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. No extensions available. Limited spaces available. Offer is for 50% off the retail value of one comprehensive, 4-stage SEO audit as described above, plus the unannounced bonuses as described. Purchase price is $625 +HST (added to CANADIAN purchases at checkout). Payment is processed securely via PAYPAL. Private information is kept confidential. After purchase you will be redirected to a form that must be filled out in order to access your website’s URL. There is no obligation to subscribe to our newsletter offers or purchase any additional services. Any questions, please email, or CLICK HERE to use our contact form.