Five Digital Strategy Myths You Probably Still Believe

Five Digital Strategy Myths You Probably Still Believe

Myth #2: You need a Facebook page in order to market effectively.

It’s probably true that your business should have a Facebook page, but it isn’t a given.

A good social media strategist will look at your business, your ideal customer, and your market segment. It’s very possible you don’t need to be on Facebook at all.

The trouble here is that too many businesses think a Facebook page is an automatic free advertising system. Put a page up, post your flyer every week, and people will come to you in droves.

Until they don’t. Which they won’t.

Facebook has some intrinsic value for search engine optimization. It’s a high-priority ranking site, so backlinks from Facebook to your website will count towards your overall pagerank. This is why it’s a good idea to put up a page.
Having a page gives you a place to interact with your customers and provide them with information. But 75% of that information should have nothing to do with your own products or promotions, because people just don’t care. And they won’t share.

The strategy for using Facebook effectively is a marketing program in its own right. So to say you need a Facebook page to market effectively is often a misconception; many businesses can do just fine without it. It can help in a number of ways, of course, but that takes dedication and planning. If you’re not in a position to manage this yourself and be truly creative with the way you interact with your audience, you might want to consider other avenues.

That said, I usually do advocate for a Facebook page for one important reason: It’s the easiest way to set up and use Facebook ads, which are cheaper and much more targeted than other PPC ad platforms. This alone can be a major boost to your local search strategy, as you can hone in on geography with exceptional precision.

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