Five Digital Strategy Myths You Probably Still Believe

Five Digital Strategy Myths You Probably Still Believe

Myth #3: More fans or followers will mean more leads.

This is a persistent and aggravating extension of Myth #2 above.

Simply having more fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter doesn’t mean you’ll get more leads. In fact, it rarely has any impact at all on your sales conversions. If it did, you could go to one of those companies that sells likes and follows, load up half a million fans, and make a fortune.

Sorry. Reality is a very different story.

First of all, Facebook only displays your posts to 1% of your followers’ newsfeeds. If you have 100 fans, that means one person will see your post. If you’re counting on that kind of turnover to generate leads, you’re in for a long wait. Even if you have 10,000 fans, that’s still only 100 people seeing your post.
Views don’t mean sales. Views means views only.

But there’s another catch…

Second, and probably more importantly, you have to realize that in order to become a fan of something a person will probably already know about it. In the case of business, that means there’s a very good chance people who organically join your Facebook page or Twitter feed are people who have already bought something from you. Sure, it can mean they appreciate your brand and like your product. But it doesn’t mean they’re going to be good customers moving forward.

What it does mean, however, is that if you do things right those people who are your customers and fans will actively help advocate for your brand. If you do things right. This means that fewer followers of higher quality could be of more value to your business in the long run than a ton of visitors who do absolutely nothing for you.

I’ll often tell my clients that I can put 100,000 visitors a month on their website for less than $500. The problem is, those visitors won’t be there buying things. They’ll just be visitors. The same is true for social media: just having a ton of followers is no indicator whatsoever of your business success.

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