Five Digital Strategy Myths You Probably Still Believe

Five Digital Strategy Myths You Probably Still Believe

Myth #5: Your cousin’s roommate’s little brother did your website for free in 1998. It still works.

If your website is an old HTML model built in Frontpage 97 using one of the templates that came with it, it’s not fine. (Note: if there’s ANY Comic Sans or Papyrus on your website, it’s killing your business too.) There’s a possibility that it’s been crawled and indexed, and due to its age still has some ranking. But if it’s not up to date, that ranking will continue to fall.

Putting aside the fact that your prospective customers will and do judge your business first and foremost on the quality of your website, this old-style code and design hasn’t been used by serious developers since probably 2005. That’s 10 years ago!

Search engines — and in Google in particular — are very VERY fussy when it comes to providing up-to-date and relevant results to users. Any website that uses deprecated code will absolutely still look like a website of some sort when a visitor lands on it. But the search engines’ crawlers will see it and make one lethal assumption: The website is old and its information is out of date.
“Out of date,” in internet terms, means “irrelevant.”

One of the easiest fixes is to have someone install WordPress for your website, and transfer the information to that platform. Besides simply having a great blogging platform, WordPress updates its scripts on a regular basis, meaning your site will always appear to be up-to-date with the latest web technology. Templates update regularly as well. Plus, you’ll have the ability to simply log in and change content on a regular basis, instead of having to hire someone who speaks fluent code just to change your monthly specials (if you’re not blogging, you should have new or updated content at least four times a year; monthly is better). And you can use plugins to help with things like contact forms, optimization, analytics, and connecting social media.

New WordPress templates are also mobile-optimized, meaning they have both desktop and mobile versions, which isn’t just a nice feature. It’s actually now mandatory on most major search engines. So if your site doesn’t look great on mobile devices, you will be moved down the results page as the search providers operate on the assumption that it’s simply not current or up to current web standards.

To see if your website marketing strategy is on point, and to get a strategy in place that will really accelerate your online presence to the top of the charts, visit¬†¬†and get in touch today. I’ll be happy to take a look at your web properties and let you know what we can do to boost your rankings and your authority online.

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